Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create an account?

Creating an account is necessary for the system to track your registrations and payments. While it does take a few minutes to initiate, once you have created your account you are able to register for any Extended Education activity using that account, and can also review past registrations and payments that are tracked with your account.

How do I create an account?

  1. From the registration page, click on the “Sign In” button in the top right corner.
  2. Under “New Registrant”, select the “Create Account” button.
  3. Fill out the fields on the Registrant Profile. All fields with *’s are required.
  4. Save your username and password for future use.
  5. Submit your account information and begin registering for events!

Is this the same as my Western login?

This login is a separate login. You can create a different username and password for this process, and will need to create an account in this system to register for events.


I want to register for a family member or friend. Can I do this? (Adding Members)

Yes, you can! Once you have created your own account, you can easily add subaccounts for family members or friends so that you can register them for an event through the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on the “My Account” button on the left hand navigation bar.
  3. Select the “Manage Members” button under “My Account”.
  4. Select the  button, and fill out the required fields.
    1. If you choose to create a login for this participant, they will be able to login to their own account to see their registrations.
  5. Submit the member’s account information.
  6. Once the account is created successfully, you will see a drop down menu when registering for a program that will ask you to choose which member of your account you are registering for.

I forgot my username/password.

If at any time you forget your username or password, click the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” button underneath the sign in fields. An email will be sent to you with more information and instructions to reset your password or remind you of your username.


How do I Search for a Course or Conference?

From the Course Search home page, there are two ways to locate the Course you are looking for.

  1. Using the Keyword search box, you can search for a specific word in the course.
  2. Using the “Program Search” list on the right side provides a helpful list of some of the current active programs you may be interested in

If you are looking for a Conference, or any other event that is not located on this page or in the search, use the “Conferences” button on the left hand navigation bar to see a list of Conference events.


Where do I find the payment option for Testing Center Exams?

If you are looking for an exam from the Course Search home page, click on “Products” in the left hand navigation bar. From there you will find Testing Center Exams available for purchase.

Why isn’t my promo code working?

After you have added your promo code, you need to click the “Recalculate” button to have the price adjusted in your cart.

How do I add more than one course to my cart?

If you would like to add multiple events to your cart, begin by signing in and adding the first item to your cart. When the system asks you to review your cart, you can select the “Continue Shopping” button to find additional courses or events. Search for the course or conference you would like to add, and continue to add events until you are satisfied with your cart. Confirm that the payment amount is correct and any discounts for multiple courses has applied. Click the “Checkout” button when you have confirmed your payment amount and courses are correct.

How do I register more than one person for an event?

To register multiple people for an event, you will need to have to create subaccounts for each person under your account. Once you do, you will notice an addition to the event page after you select the correct items. Use the field just above “Add to Cart” to select which participant should be registered. When you are reviewing your cart, return to the event page using the “Continue Shopping” button at the bottom and follow the same steps above with the other participants until your cart is correct. Continue through the registration process as directed.


What are course bundles?

A program that gives a discount for registering for all of the courses in a series will be available for registration in a Course Bundle.  A link will be at the bottom of the first course that will allow you to put all of the courses in the bundle in your cart at once.

Can I pay with Purchase Orders?

If you are paying with an approved Purchase Order, follow the instructions for creating an account and registering for an event until the “Review Your Cart” page. Review your cart, and check the “Pay by PO” box above the “Check out” button. Attach a scanned copy of the Purchase order to the registration and continue registering for the event.

The system will not let me continue checking out.  What might be causing an error?

  • The system requires specific information in most fields to move forward. Please review all fields on the page that are required (designated with a *).
  • Addresses outside of United States may need to be adjusted based on the system.
  • Addresses containing special characters such as / may cause an error
  • Due to confidential information entered into this system, an automatic timer has been set for each registration. If the page has been left open, try starting from the beginning of the process to add the event again.