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Program Suites are groups of related classes that are offered together at a discount.  When enrolling the discount is only available if you place all the classes in the shopping cart and pay for them all at the same time.

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TEAS Test Prep Suite

Students are required to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam as part of the admissions process for acceptance into our Practical Nursing program. To help students prepare for that exam, Tri-County is offering a series of courses designed to improve students' competencies in this standarized testing process. English and Math are covered seperately in 3-session courses. A test-taking skills development, 1-session course is also offered. Students who sign up for all three courses pay a total of $199 and receive the benefit of a 15% discount off of the individual course prices.

The TEAS Test Prep Suite consists of 3 seperate courses sign up for all 3 Classes and pay only $199, that is a $40 savings.  You must sign up and pay for all the classes at once in order to recieve the discount.

The classes included in this offer are: 79150, 79151 & 79152





TEXTBOOKS:  You will need Version 5.0) - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills 5.0 (TEAS®) Study Manual for Classes #79151 and #79152, and for Class #79150 — Learning Strategies: Your Guide to Classroom and Test-Taking Success.

Textbooks must be obtained by students prior to the first class and can be purchased from ATI’s website