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Female Mystics, Saints and Poets of India and Tibet

This course will provide a compelling look at female religious authority as exemplified in the lives of Eastern mystics, saints, poets and gurus of past and present. Often considered embodiments of the divine, we will explore these women’s religious, historical and cultural influences as well as the impact their role has had on their status as women within South Asia, the United States, and in some cases, around the globe. Each week will be devoted to a historical figure such as the Indian Yoginis: Mirabai, Lalla; Tibetan Buddhist Dakinis: Yeshe Tsogyal and Machig Lapdron; and Female Gurus: Ammachi, Sri Maa, and Anandamayee Maa.

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Course Code YGPX867.0351809
Session Fall 2012 
Category Yoga Studies 
Days W  
Dates 9/19/12 - 10/17/12  
Times 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM 
# of Classes
Format Classroom 
Credit(s) Earned
Available Slots 29
Instructor Amazzone, Laura 

Instructor Bio

Laura Amazzone is an author, teacher, jewelry artist, and Yogini. She completed her master’s degree in philosophy and religion, with an emphasis in women’s spirituality at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2001. Her book, Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power (Rowman & Littlefield, 2010), explores the millennia-old rituals and manifestations of the Goddess in South Asia and honors female creative & sexual power as a divine force. Laura teaches classes and workshops on Goddess spirituality and Eastern religious traditions. She has published numerous articles discussing myth, ritual, adornment, and the significance of South Asian Goddesses as divine models of female empowerment. Laura has received initiation into the Shakta Tantra, Sri Vidya, and Kashmiri Shaivite lineages.

Location LMU Campus 


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$ 190 Total Fees