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Rig Veda: Exploring Yoga's Ancient Origins

While the notion of Yoga flourishes in later Sanskrit literature, does a nascent philosophy of Yoga exist in the earliest Indian literature of the Rigveda? This course provides an overview of Vedic religion and myths with readings in translation from the Rigveda and from contemporary sources. Students will learn how Vedic concepts such as ?ta (cosmic order), Vak (sacred speech), Yajña (ritual), and Manas (mind) suggest possible evidence of an early framework of Yoga philosophy. This class is ideal for students yearning to deepen their exploration of Yoga philosophy in the earliest period of Indian literature in a self-paced, structured online format.

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Course Code YGPX823.0151808
Session Fall 2012 
Category Yoga Studies 
Dates 10/01/12 - 11/16/12  
Format Online 
Credit(s) Earned
Available Slots 27

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INSTRUCTION: This course will be presented entirely online, which students will do in a self-paced and individual learning format of 10 hours divided into 5 learning modules. Each module is sequential and builds upon the content outlined in previous ones. The course employs a multidisciplinary approach combining various media, recorded audio/video lectures, self-examination through questions, meditation, and reflective exercises. There will also be an opportunity for students to submit questions of the assigned reading material to instructor upon completion of each module. Students taking the online course as part of LMU Yoga Studies program will receive 1-unit credit for the course, upon completion of a 5-pg writing project.

Unit 1 Oct. 1-7
Unit 2 Oct. 8-14
Unit 3 Oct. 15-21
Unit 4 Oct. 22-28
Unit 5 Oct. 29-Nov. 5
Research Assignment Nov. 6-Nov. 16

Instructor Kumar, Sanjay 

Instructor Bio


Dr. Jay Kumar received his Ph.D. in Asian Philosophy, Religion & Cognitive Studies and completed graduate degrees from Columbia University and UCLA. He is recognized as one of the leading researchers in the growing field of contemplative neuroscience. Jay is also the innovative creator of Brain Body & Being™, a highly effective, easy to learn and scientifically proven set of tools that promote peace of mind, centeredness, vitality, health and well-being. A charismatic and engaging speaker, he has a talent for clarifying why and how cutting-edge neuroscience can help us to lead happier and healthier lives. Jay is also a certified Yoga and meditation instructor, motivational speaker, author, and weekly guest on nationally syndicated radio. His new e-book Five Secrets for Achieving Authentic Health & Happiness is available on Amazon. You can learn more by visiting
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$ 190 Tuition

$ 190 Total Fees