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Sanskrit I

This introduction is intended to provide students with a foundational understanding of the legacy and unique qualities of the Sanskrit language and to serve as an effective springboard for those who wish to embark on Sanskrit translation efforts. Students will examine the sound system of Sanskrit and the traditional Indian writing system known as Devanagari. Basic principles of proper pronunciation will be demonstrated by directing attention to many Sanskrit technical terms used in yoga and meditation traditions, including the names of yogic asanas and the chanting of select mantras and seed syllables. Students will also be broadly introduced to the essential linguistic elements required for translation work, including the rules of sandhi or “euphonic combination” and the basic grammatical principles underlying the conjugation of verbs and the declension of nouns.

This course is required for the certificate in Yoga Philosophy. Click here for additional information.

Status Registration Not Available
Course Code YGPX800.0150715
Session Fall 2012 
Category Yoga Studies 
Days F  
Dates 9/14/12 - 11/16/12  
Times 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM 
# of Classes 10 
Format Classroom 
Credit(s) Earned
Available Slots 25
Instructor Shaw, Jodi 

Instructor Bio

Jodi Shaw received her MA in theology from Loyola Marymount University in May 2012. Her thesis explored the complex directionality of Kundalini in Srividya practice. Jodi's interest in Sanskrit grew out of a love for yoga, both as a student and an instructor. Her Sanskrit studies began with former LMU Extensions instructor Dr. Marcy Braverman Goldstein, and in 2007 she became a student of Dr. Christopher Key Chapple. Jodi has been a yoga instructor since 2003, and presently teaches at Mission Street Yoga in South Pasadena.

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LMU Campus, University Hall, 1402 
1 LMU Drive
Los Angeles , CA 90045


$ 380 Tuition

$ 380 Total Fees