After School Enrichment (grades 3-5)

Becoming a Digital Comic Artist (Grades 3-5)
Intro to Digital Drawing (Grade 2+)
October Harvest (Crisps, Crumbles and Cobblers)

Arts & Crafts

Painting Landscapes with Water Based Oils
Painting the Face with Water Based Oils
Watercolor Painting

Biz, Careers, Finance

Managing Taxation in Retirement
Medicare 101

College Prep/STEM

College Essay Bootcamp ONLINE
Intro to American Colleges
It's Alive: Making Monsters in 3D (Grades 6+)
Math through Excel (Grades 6-8)
Succeeding as Distance Learner
Wonders of Wall Street (Grades 6-8)

Computers & iDevices

An Intro to Zoom
Analyzing Financial data with Python - Adults
Graphic Design Using Photoshop
Intro to Google Suite
Text Analysis with Python for Adults

Discussions & Lectures

A Textual Survey of Second Temple Judaism


Independent Films: Now and Forever! Mondays
Three Essential Films by African-American Women Filmmakers

Fitness & Health

Mindfulness In Nature
Positive Psychology: The Science + Strategies of Well-being
Yoga Flow from Home
Yoga Flow/Pilates from Home

Games & Interests

Bridge: Advanced
Bridge: Beginners

Home & Garden

Holiday Candies: Brittles & Divinities
Jams, Jellies and Preserves


French Advanced
French Advanced Beginner
French Beginner
French Intermediate
German Advanced


German Beginner
German Intermediate
Intermediate Italian/Advanced Italian
Italian Beginner I
Italian Beginner II
Italian Beyond Beginner
Italiano: Coffee and Conversation
Spanish Advanced Conversation
Spanish Beginners - Evening
Spanish for Beginners - Day
Spanish for Seniors
Spanish Intermediate
Spanish Intermediate/Advanced
Spanish: Beyond Beginner

Literature & Writing

American Lives: American Songbook
BOOK CLUB: Leaving the Fold: Memoirs of Faith, Doubt, and Self-Transformation
Creative Writing
LIVE WEBINAR: Meet Authors Abby Stein and Amber Scorah: Losing Faith and Finding a Life
Racism and Resistance in the US: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter
Short Stories: Olive Again

Notable Neighbors

Book Talk with Mary Dell Harrington of Grown and Flown
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Larchmont History with the Larchmont Historical Society
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Mamaroneck History with the Mamaroneck Historical Society: Our Buried History: The story of our Community through our Historic Burying Grounds
Wanderlust — Where We Can Go Now and a Travel Forecast for 2021 and Beyond

online classes

In the News

Trips & Tours

Beauty in the Beasts: A Look at Animals in Western Art
Dutch and Northern Masters: Defining the Northern Idiom
Early Netherlandish Painting: The Devil’s in the Details
Grand Central Terminal Tour
Make a Big Splash: David Hockney
Meet Artist Bob Clyatt: Exploring Contemporary Cultural Issues through Sculpture
State of the Art: The Evolution in Art and Culture Leading to Abstract Expressionism
The Harlem Renaissance
The Most Influential African American Artists

Women , Ideas, Transition (WIT)

DeCluttering the Empty Nest