XenDirect Student Registration Demonstration
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Your customers can search for courses by various search fields as you see below. Most of these options can be enabled or disabled by you as desire. Go ahead and try various searches.  From the next page, just click the Search Courses menu option to return back to this page.  

The Keyword field searches course codes, titles, descriptions, vendors, and instructor names. Or you can select a group of related courses using the Program Search list.  By the way, this text area is also user defined so you can enter the text you desire here.

As you advance to the search results page, notice the special courses in the Featured section. These are a few examples of courses that will demonstrate some specific features.  Note however you will not yet be able to add courses to your cart.  When you first come to this page, you are viewing courses anonymously.  Once we are ready to add courses to the cart, you will create a new account.