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The Adelphi University Continuing Education website has recently
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If the new URL does not work, the move process is not yet complete.
When the DNS has completely propagated, this new URL can be used to
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Please bookmark the new URL or record this URL for future reference.

For Social Work Courses, please contact:

Erin Gerrato
Social Work Office of Professional and Continuing Education
Social Work Building, Room 231
p – 516.877.4343
e – egerrato@adelphi.edu

For Parenting Institute courses, please contact:

Joaniko Kohchi
Adelphi University Institute for Parenting
Linen Hall, Lower Level Room 9
e –jkohchi@adelphi.edu

For the Institute for Adolescent Trauma, Treatment and Training (IATTT), please contact:

Nicole Sullivan
p – 516.877.4334
e – nsullivan@adelphi.edu

For all other IATTT courses and information, please contact:
e – iatttworkshops@adelphi.edu

For College of Professional and Continuing Studies, please contact:

p- 516.877.3400  e-colleeofprofessionalcs@adelphi.edu


For all other courses and programs, please contact:

Continuing Education and Professional Development Programs 

p – 516.877.3412
e – continuinged@adelphi.edu

We've Moved!