Getting Paid to Talk! An Introduction to Voice Overs

College Funding/Prep

ACT Crash Course
College Application Workshop - Virtual Offering!
SAT Chemistry Subject Test Prep
SAT Crash Course
SAT Math Intensive Test Prep
SAT Practice Test

Dance & Exercise

Adult Tap Dance - Online
Adult Contemporary Dance - Online
Adult Hip Hop - Online
Adult Jazz - Online
Couples Ballroom & Latin Dance - Online
Total Barre Fitness - ONLINE


Ancient Greek Heros (Entering Grades 4-7)
Baking Through America's History (Entering Grades 5-8)
Calling All Young Authors! (Entering Grades 4-7)
Club S.T.E.A.M. (Entering Grades 2-4)
Cracking Codes (Entering Grades 4-7)
Creative Writing (Entering grades 3-6)
Embroidery For Kids (Entering Grades 3-8)
Engineering for Everyone (Entering Grades 4-7)
Geometric Art (Entering Grades 4-6)
Google Suite For Beginners (Entering Grades 4-7)
Intermediate Knitting (Entering Grades 2 & Up, with experience)
iPhone Photography (Entering Grades 3-8)
Not Your Typical Writing Class (Entering Grades 3-5)
Paint Like Picasso, Exploring Watercolor Techniques (Entering Grades 1-6)
Papercrafting: Origami And More! (Entering Grades 4-6)
Scrapbooking For Beginners - Part 1 (Entering Grades 5-8)
Scrapbooking For Beginners - Part 2 (Entering Grades 5-8)
Stories, Crafting And Snacking Through American History (Entering Grades 2-6)
The Greek Olympian Pantheon. Exploring The Wonderful World of Greek Gods and Goddesses (Entering Grades 4-7)
This is Jeopardy!
Watercolor Painting (Entering Grades 3-8)
Whiz-Bang War of Words: Debating for Beginners (Entering Grades 4-6)

Health & Well-Being

R & R (Resilience and Relaxation) Skills for Young Adults (Ages 18-20)

Home & Garden

Adding Onto Your Home

Kids' Stuff

Acrobatics - Online (Entering Gr. 1-5)
Archery (Ages 8+)
Ballet/Tap - Online (Entering Grades K-2)
Beginner & Beginner Plus French (Ages 7-10)
Beginner Spanish (Ages 7-10)
Beginner Spanish (Grades K-3)
Bread & Pastry (Ages 8-13)
Children's Dining Etiquette Online Workshop (Entering Gr. 2-6)
Children's Social Skills & Dining Etiquette - Online 4 Week Program (Entering Gr. 2-6)
Circuit Makers 101 Online (Entering Grades 1-3)
Conant Summer Hoop
Eat All Day! (Ages 8-13)
Family Dinner (Ages 8-13)
Field Hockey Skills Clinic (Entering Gr. 3-8)
Filmmaking 101 (Ages 10-14) - ONLINE
French Beginner Plus! (Gr. 4-6)
French For Beginners (Gr. 4-6)
French for Beginners (Gr. K-3)
Hip Hop - Online (Entering Grades 1-5)
Horse Power (Ages 6-12)
Introduction to Latin (Ages 8 and up)
Introduction to Public Speaking (Gr 6-8)
Introduction to Spanish (Entering Gr. 4-6)

Kids' Stuff

Jazz - Online (Entering Gr. 1-5)
Let Them Eat Cake! (Ages 8-13)
MetroCraft (Gr. 3-6)
ONLINE 3D Design and Printing (Ent. Grades 6-8)
Rise and Shine Basketball
Rubik's Cube Club (Gr. 3 and up)
Scratch Programming Online (Entering Gr. 3-5)
Social Skills & Etiquette (Entering Gr. 2-6)
Spanish Beginner Plus (Ages 7-12)
Spanish Beginner Plus! (Gr. K-3)
Spanish Beginner Plus! (Gr. 4-6)
Stop-Motion Animation (Ages 10-14) - ONLINE
Summer Day Program 2020 (Entering Gr. 1-6)
Summer Day Program 2020 Lunch Bunch (Gr. 1-6)
Super Salads (Ages 8-13)
U12 Tennis Lessons (Ages 7-12)
Unusual Pairings (Ages 8-13)


Reading The Picture of Dorian Gray


Clarinet and Saxophone Lessons with Mike McKendry
Flute Lessons with David Chu
Guitar lessons with Earle Pughe
Music Lessons with Al Dentino
Percussion lessons with Chris Correia
Piano lessons with Brendan Ferrari
Trumpet Lessons with Elizabeth Jewell

Preschool Fun

Fairy Tale Dance - Online (Ages 4-6)
Pony Power (Ages 2-6)

Summer School

6th Grade ELA
6th Grade Math
Algebra I AE
Algebra I CP
Elem Algebra 1 Part 1
High School English Grade 11-12
High School English Grade 9-10
Independent Study
Junior High English and Writing
Junior High Math
Math Counts
Online Course
Registration Fee
Remedial Geometry
SAT 1 English 1st Half
SAT 1 Math 1st Half
SAT 1 Math 2nd Half
SAT I Math 6 Weeks

Teen Topics

Athletic Advantage to College Admissions
Beginner Spanish (Ages 11-14)
Best Breakfasts (Ages 8-13)
Chocolate Lovers (Ages 8-13)
College Essay Help!
Crossman Speed & Agility Clinic (Entering Gr. 5-12)
Driver Ed
Firefly Theatre Works (Entering Grades 7-12)
Mental Toughness Training Seminar for the High School Athlete (Gr. 8-12)
Perfect Pies (Ages 8-13)
Programming at Home, Summer 2020 (Ages 13-18)
Teen Jazz - Online (Entering Grades 6+)
Teen Lyrical Dance - Online (Ent. Grade 6 and up)
What's For Lunch? (Ages 8-13)